Hydrogen storage in the geological underground (salt caverns and pore storage facilities) presents a promising solution for the storage of large quantities of electrical energy. In this technology electrical energy is converted into chemical energy and can thus be stored in comparably small spaces.

A study conducted upon request by the Ministry for Environmental Affairs, Energy, Construction and Climate Protection in 2016 showed that for an energy scenario of 100% renewable energy in 2050 a storage capacity of approx. 60 terrawatt hours would be required in Lower Saxony. This corresponds with a working gas volume of approx. 20 billion standard cubic meters of hydrogen. In comparison, the whole of Germany currently has a storage capacity of 24.3 billion standard cubic meters (working gas). These are stored in 21 pore storage facilities and 30 cavern fields.

Many of these storage facilities are located in Lower Saxony. In addition, Lower Saxony has further salt structures and already exploited natural gas fields that would allow for the erection of further storage facilities and thus we have optimal conditions for the first hydrogen storage facilities. However, the existing storage facilities are neither built for operation with hydrogen, nor has the required system technology for production (electrolysis), transport, compression and reconversion to electricity been developed or tested.

The following partners form part of the focus area 2:

German Aerospace Centre (DLR) – Institute of Networked Energy Systems Oldenburg (DLR-VE)

Professor Dr. Carsten Agert,

Dr. Alexander Dyck,

Dr. Karsten von Maydell,

Dr. Thomas Vogt

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Leibniz University Hannover – Institute of Electric Power Systems (IfES)

Professor Dr.-Ing. Hanke-Rauschenbach,

Dr. Boris Bensmann

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Leibniz University Hannover – Institute for Material Science (IW)

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Hassel

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Clausthal University of Technology – Institute of Subsurface Energy System (ITE)

Professor Dr.-Ing. Leonard Ganzer,

Professor Dr.-Ing. habil. Michael Z. Hou

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