Besides technological questions, a need for further research exists in the area of energy system analysis with a special focus on sector coupling and associated economic considerations, as well as investigations of the resulting environmental impact.

On this basis an implementation strategy can determine the decarbonization order and can establish the extension corridors for the individual conversion technologies. When determining the technical requirements for the integration of hydrogen into the energy system, i.e. the requirements with regard to new electrolysis systems and with regard to the existing energy system, an energy system analysis can be useful.

Within the framework of electricity-to-gas and electricity-to-mobility sector coupling it will be important to provide well-founded answers to issues of upgrading the infrastructure of partially existing systems for the production, storage, transport and reconversion to electricity with the simultaneous utilisation of heat from synthetic gaseous energy carriers. On the basis of these results it is necessary to create incentives, state regulations and state fees/taxes for companies and/or support for companies in developing hydrogen economy business models. In this context it is thus also necessary to investigate the significance of non-technical innovations, as well as the socio-economic effects in order to analyse social conditions and drivers of and obstacles to the successful integration of hydrogen as energy carrier in order to be able to deduce robust recommendations for action.

The following partners form part of the focus area 5:

German Aerospace Centre (DLR) – Institute of Networked Energy Systems Oldenburg (DLR-VE)

Professor Dr. Carsten Agert,

Dr. Alexander Dyck,

Dr. Karsten von Maydell,

Dr. Thomas Vogt

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Institute for Solar Energy Research, Hamelin (ISFH)

Professor Dr.-Ing. Rolf Brendel,

Dr. Raphael Niepelt

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Leibniz University Hannover – Institute of Electric Power Systems (IfES)

Professor Dr.-Ing. Hanke-Rauschenbach,

Dr. Boris Bensmann

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Leibniz University Hannover – Institute of Information Systems Research (IWI)

Professor Dr. Michael H. Breitner

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