Alkaline water electrolysis (AEL) and alkaline membrane electrolysis

  • Experimental and theoretical examination of gas purity in pressure-operated alkaline water electrolysis (2018-2021, DFG)
  • Femtosecond laser alloying of electrocatalysts (2018-2021, DFG)
  • Green H2: Cost-efficient and load-flexible production of hydrogen (2015 - 2018, BMWi)

PEM water electrolysis (PEMWE)

  • Life expectancy and performance increase (POWER) of polymer electrolyte membrane electrolyzers by high-performance membrane electrode assemblies (MEE) (2016-2019, BMBF)
  • Impact of multi-phase material and energy transport processes on water electrolysis in polymer electrolyte membrane cells (2016-2018, DFG)

High-temperature water electrolysis and co-electrolysis in oxide-ceramic systems (SOEC)

  • NELLHI: New all European high-performance stack: design  for  mass production (2014-2017, EU FCH-JU)
  • Measuring phenomenological coefficients to model the heat and material transport in ion-conducting oxide ceramics by way of example 10Sc1CeSZ (2018-2021, DFG)
  • Application of thermodynamics of irreversible processes for the experimental investigation of transport coefficients of oxide-ceramic electrolysis cells by way of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (2017-2021, DAAD)