EFZN Bodies and Head Office

Supervisory Board

Photos: © 2nd from left: Markus Hibbeler, others: private.

The Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors coordinate matters of fundamental and strategic importance to the EFZN.

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Board of Directors

Photo: © EFZN

The Board of Directors bears the responsibility for the tasks of the EFZN and develops concepts for a collaborative research strategy of the members.

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Scientific Advisory Board

Photo: © Upper row, 3rd from left: Simona Bednarek; upper row, 4th from right: Oliver Betke; others: private.

The Scientific Advisory Board advises the Board of Directors on all essential scientific and organisational matters.

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Head Office

Photo: © EFZN

The EFZN Head Office is a central contact partner for internal and external queries and is responsible for the joint marketing of the EFZN.

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