EFZN Lines of Research

P2X Technologies

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With increasing regenerative energy production, electrical energy can be considered more and more to be a primary energy source.

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Solar Energy

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Solar energy can be used almost anywhere in small and large systems, is economically feasible for many applications already and is widely accepted by the population.

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Integrated Energy Systems / Interlinking of Sectors

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The move to renewable energies as well as increasing digitalisation lead to a fundamental structural change of integrated energy systems.

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Wind Energy

Photo: © J. Puczylowski, ForWind, Universität Oldenburg

Wind energy is one of the supporting pillars of our future energy system. The potential of generating electricity with wind energy plants on land and at sea is enormous.

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EFZN Cross-Cutting Research

Material Sciences

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Materials and construction materials play a significant role in developing systems for energy conversion and storage.

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Social Sciences

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The transformation of the German, European and global energy system is not only a challenge from the point of view of technology and natural sciences, but also constitutes a task for society as a whole.

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